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    August 13th -14th 2018

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About the 2018 Career Fair

The Chancellor and the entire University of Nairobi fraternity is seeking to forge strong symbiotic collaborations with Government and Industry that will in future guide and nurture students and graduates towards a better and more fulfilling future thus positively impacting the socioeconomic growth of our country.

Areas of potential collaborations include:  Industrial research, Commercialization of Intellectual Property, Infrastructural Development and Human Resource Training and Transfer (retooling industry employees, adjunct (lecturers and students/ alumni recruitment).

To realize this vision, a biannual Chancellor’s Career Fair has been established.


The career services office provide an environment to mentor a student into an action-oriented and highly motivated individual who is ready to achieve goals. It enhances the student's energetic process of creating incremental wealth and innovating things of value that have a bearing on the welfare of the industry. Partnership with industries in this venture will support excellence in mutual innovation collaboration which, in themselves, will generate significant long-term benefit as well as produce models replicable by others.

Who should participate?

Stakeholders from government as well as industry showcasing their products and services, UoN Students showcasing their innovations and Industry to train students on key areas of job market as well as entrepreneurship. Top three outstanding innovations to be awarded. No charges levied. Tents (11x11ft) will be freely allocated upon confirmation of participation. For further clarification on exhibition, students/alumni recruitment or awarding outstanding students innovations Please contact: Tel. +254 (20) 2220661 Email: annen@uonbi.ac.ke

Internships & Job Opportunities

Training in the career services plays a crucial role in closing the gap between academia and industry. It increases the variety and number of internships, jobs and career opportunities for our students and graduates. It creates one point of access for partnership development and provides a large forum for recruitment to increase the benefits for employers and a variety of positions to both the students and graduates. Additionally, it creates a system of job opportunity sharing within its network to better ensure that jobs are filled by qualified graduates.

Dear Student

Career Services office creates an environment of job opportunity sharing within its network to better ensure that jobs are filled by qualified graduates and that employer’s interests are equally met.

At the office, we facilitate screening and matching skilled and knowledgeable young people to job openings thus exposing you to pre-employment and on-going support opportunities.

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Job Oportunities & internships

Industry-Academia Partnership

The Career services aim to strengthen the capacity of the University of Nairobi universities to contribute to technological innovation through strategic partnership with industry and stakeholders.
Our partnership agreements with industries are aimed at enhancing the economic prosperity, social equity, environmental protection and global responsibilities while solving the industrial technical and logistic problems.

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