The Office of Career Services in partnership with Huawei Technologies Ltd. On Wednesday February 19th hosted a sensitization session to the School of Computing and Informatics students on the Huawei ICT Certifications.

Su Shuqi, the Training and Certification Manager for Huawei’s Enterprise Business Department and Michael Kamau from Huawei’s Enterprise Business Department gave an overview of Huawei’s key projects and the programs Huawei is offering to university students. Some of the programs being offered include Routing and Switching, Networking, Security certification, SG certification, IoT, AI, Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Since 2016 when UoN rolled out the Huwaei certification training at UoN, over 200 students have benefited from the training. In 2019, two UoN students who emerged to of the HCIA exam secured an internship opportunity with Huawei, Lina Doktur and Gilbert Kigen from the School of Engineering. In 2018, 12 UoN students were successful for the Huawei Management Trainee Program and two more top students from the HCIA class, Carlvin Abonyo and Dennis Kaminde from the School of Engineering selected for the internship program.

The Office of Career Services has partnered with Huawei in different programs namely

  • Huawei Certified ICT Associate Certification
  • Huawei ICT Skills Competition
  • Huawei Management Trainee program
  • Huawei DigiTalent Career Fair
  • Huawei Ajira Interns Induction Program
  • Huawei Industrial Visit

The end goal of the Office of Career  Services as outlined by Mr. Johnson Kinyua who made a presentation on behalf of the office is to produce holistic graduates who are empowered, competitive, employable, enterprising and innovative for the job market.

In 2020, UoN shall offer more Huawei ICT Certification trainings and it is hoped that more students will secure for themselves opportunities with Huawei and other top technological companies. The Huawei ICT certification is highly valued by top employers and this is why UoN is investing in these trainings.