Mr. David Wekesa, Chief ICT Officer at the ICT Centre in charge administration of the Central College Websites on Friday May 11, 2020 hosted an online meeting for central web champions. Mr. Wekesa made a presentation in which he highlighted three major parameters that need to be taken into consideration by the web champions namely Presence, Transparency and Impact.

Mr. Wekesa noted that most Web Champions have made their websites vibrant and urged every champion to continue seeking innovative ways of creating content. Creation of backlinks, referring domains and cleaning up of Google Scholar accounts were also highlighted as major activities that each champion should engage in to increase the web ranking of the University of Nairobi.

Some of the creative recommendations given on how to harvest website content include;

  1. Research from local newspapers – rewrite stories that have appeared on the local newspapers about UoN
  2. Blogs on COVID-19- Rewrite stories on COVID-19 that are relevant for respective departments
  3. Updates from the Corporate office can also be converted into stories
  4. Feature on issues that touch on your department or field
  5. Profile members in your departments through writing of inspiring stories that spread hope
  6. Sell your department to stakeholders. What’s your department’s story? What are your achievements?
  7. Go back to archives and share something interesting like throwback photos
  8. Rewrite stories on how COVID-19 is affecting your field or department.
  9. On social medial, look at posts that are linked to credible websites and are relevant to your department or the university in general and come up with articles.

The Office of Career Services will tap on these recommendations to continue generating creative content for its website.