Welcome to Financial Literacy Revolution Webinar by CEO Equiti Capital – Brian Myers

Date:   Friday, 19 February 2021

Time:  3.00-5.00pm (EAT)

Venue: Virtual

To participate in the webinar, please register through any of the following channels below:

Facebook: https://bit.fxpesa.com/3b98kIl

Twitter: https://bit.fxpesa.com/3jSiQrr

Instagram: https://bit.fxpesa.com/3b9DlvQ

Telegram: https://bit.fxpesa.com/2NzNkCj

Whatsapp: https://bit.fxpesa.com/2Nt8Oko

Email: https://bit.fxpesa.com/3u1PpI4

Below is the program of the webinar on the day:

3.00pm:       Students join

                    Financial literacy revolution presentation (Presentation + poll)

  • Brian Myers, CEO, Equiti Capital

3.50pm:      Brief on internship program (how this ties back to our CSR)

Training (workshops) and courses (online classes)

                   – Sam Kiraka, CEO, EGM Securities

4.00pm:      Q&A session (the students can type their questions during the presentation and will be tackled at this point)

                   – Brian Myers, CEO, Equiti Capital

4.30pm:      Announcement of giveaways

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