Career Fair 2018

The Chancellor and the entire University of Nairobi fraternity is seeking to forge strong symbiotic collaborations with Government and Industry that will in the future guide and nurture students and graduates towards a better and more fulfilling future thus positively impacting the socio-economic growth of our country. Areas of potential collaborations include: Industrial research, Commercialization of Intellectual Property, Infrastructural Development and Human Resource Training and Transfer (retooling industry employees, adjunct lecturers and students/ alumni recruitment).

To realize this vision, a biannual Chancellor’s Career Fair has been established.

Other recent related events that the University has had are:

  1. The Industry, Academia partnership to promote ethical and legal business practices
  2. The launching of Ajira Digital Program


The Chancellor’s Career Fair is scheduled for 13th-14th August at the University of Nairobi Main Campus.  It has been structured to include:- Recruitment Drive, Industry Showcase (Exhibitions throughout the day)

Morning sessions:- Panel Discussions, Roundtable Discussions, Keynote Presentations

Afternoon sessions:-Breakaway Sessions

For more information, please Click to find  CONCEPT NOTE and EVENT PROGRAM


On 13th and 14th we shall have Panel discussions in the auditorium from 10.30 am to 12.30pm and 9.00 am to 1.00 pm respectively and we need students to fill up the auditorium hence the need for raising awareness and mobilization.

The Theme for 13th August (Day 1) is Academia-Industry Partnership for the future

The theme for 14th August (Day 2) is Entrepreneurship

The expected Guest for the auditorium panel session for Day 1 (13th August) is CS Education, Amb. (Dr.) Amina Mohammed and for Day 2(14th August) is CS PS, Youth and Gender Affairs Prof. Margaret Kobia

The  Training sessions for the two days include:

13th August 

  1. Branding for Employment – 00 -3.00pm- Seminar Room 401
  2. Cyber Security – 00 -3.00pm- Seminar Room 402
  3. Talent and Image Management – 00 -3.00pm- Seminar Room 403
  4. Technology Trends – 00 – 4.00pm- Seminar Room 404
  5. Skills for tomorrow-  00 – 4.00pm – Seminar Room 401
  6. CV writing and interview etiquette –  00 – 4.00pm- Seminar Room 405
  7. Award of outstanding student innovations – 00 – 4.30 pm- Great Court

14th August

  1. Startups management – 00 -3.00pm- Seminar Room 401
  2. Negotiations –  00 -3.00pm- Seminar Room 402
  3. Creativity and innovation – 00 – 4.00pm  – Seminar Room 403
  4. Business Models –  00 – 4.00pm – Seminar Room 404
  5. Award of outstanding student innovations – 00 – 4.30 pm-  Great Court

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“Attendance is free of charge.”