Life on campus can be viewed as a wide spectrum, sort of like white light.

It means that campus life cannot really be defined. It is unique in that everyone who joins is starting a new chapter in their lives. The beautiful thing is, one decides what to write on those fresh blank pages. One decides what dreams to chase.

Anyone can walk through those big pearly gates on the first day and decide to chase a first-class honor. Some may get lost on the way and party each day like it’s a weekend. There is the interesting group that looks for marriage partners all through campus. Every day you pass your fellow students walking the halls of the campus, some smiling, some frowning, some deep in thought while others are tired of their own thoughts. Everyone is walking their own journey, chasing their own goals and trying to live their best lives.

The advice is  live your own life while in campus. Chase those good grades and do so with your whole heart. Do not let the party life sweep you away in the tides of entertainment. When you are burned out from entire weekends in the library, enjoy yourself with a good movie at the cinema with some friends or your significant other. There is no-one who goes through campus life without making a few mistakes here and there, so don’t expect a perfect experience. What you should strive for is a happy experience, set goals and aim to achieve them. Wake up each day happy that the sun is shining, not dreading the consequences when the moon was ruling the night.

Keep a good group of friends, those you can enjoy life with but also those who push you to be greater tomorrow than you are today. Live your campus life such that when you do don that gown and receive that certificate, you look back with a smile, not regrets. Live each day like your last, attend that calculus class you dread because you have no idea what is happening, have that date with your significant other on Saturday after a long week of classes and CATs. You only attend campus once; you only walk those halls for a few years before you have to walk out. Do not waste it wishing you had lived fuller when one day you are old and grey sitting at a campfire looking up at the night sky.