UoN Office of Career Services (OCS)

UoN Career Fair 2019

The University of Nairobi through the Office of Career Services held its annual Career Fair at the UoN Great Court, Main Campus from 5-6 December, 2019 from 8.00am to 5.00 pm each day. The theme for the event was ‘Skilling Graduates for the Job Market’. The structure of the career fair included exhibitions by career partners, career talks, one-on-one career guidance and career mentorship.

The Career Fair was well attended by 32 Kenyan companies and 16 Chinese companies. The event was officially opened by the Minister Counselor, Chinese Embassy Mr. Zhao Xiyuan who congratulated all the UoN graduands for their hard work. Mr. Zhao pointed out that over 360 Kenyans are recruited by Chinese companies locally and there are over 400 Chinese companies in Kenya. The Minister Counselor indicated the strong commitment being given by the Chinese companies on localization of enterprises which are keen on offering high quality employment opportunities for graduates.

The General Manager-Operations at FCm Travel Ms. Christine Nderimo reminded the students present at the opening session that they could be the brightest and have first class honours in their degrees, but without the right attitude, miss out on opportunities in the job market. Being humble and maintaining the right attitude is what will help one to climb their career path she reiterated.

Mr. Ajeet Ghatwal, the Head of Human Resources & Administration East Africa at Redington Kenya Limited got the opportunity to give remarks on behalf of all the partners who participated in the career fair. He appreciated the University for hosting the event and indicated that his company was in search of top students from UoN to recruit or hire for job and internship opportunities.

Faith Thumbi, a 4th Year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Psychology thanked the partners for gracing the event on behalf of all the students’ fraternity. She indicated that unemployment is a big problem in Kenya but with the right attitude and proper grooming for entry into the job market, it is possible to sail through and get opportunities.

The Director, Career Services, Mr. Johnson Kinyua welcomed all the partners present at the Career Fair opening session and appreciated their participation at the event. Students were encouraged to tour all the partners’ stands with their CVs and enquire more about the opportunities the partners were offering.

Career Talk sessions were held as side events during the career fair. Students received talks on Preparing a future-ready workforce, How to plan for your career growth, Bridging the gap between the classroom and industry, Transitioning from a student to a professional, Skills for building brands in the 21st century, Cyber Security, Cloud, Data Centre Virtualization and Data Analytics.

The 2019 UoN Career Fair partners offered over 30 job and internship opportunities for UoN students. The Office of Career Services will continue to explore more opportunities with its wide array of stakeholders and partners to secure more opportunities for students.


UoN Alumni Elect New Officials

On Saturday 30th November 2019, University of Nairobi Alumni Association (UONAA) held its 2nd Annual General Meeting at the University of Nairobi Taifa Hall.   Registered members of UONAA got a chance to elect new members to lead the Association for a term of three years.


The event was graced by the Chancellor, Dr. (Mrs.) Rattansi, Ag. Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Mbeche and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Julius Ogeng’o

The following are the elected officials Mr. Isaac Awuondo – Chairman, Dr. Anne Assey – Vice-Chairperson, Prof. Patrick L.O Lumumba – Secretary, Mrs. Mildred Owuor – Treasurer, Mr. Johnson Kinyua – Organizing Secretary, Dr. Fronica Monari- Deputy Secretary, Dr. Hastings Ozwara – Deputy Treasurer, Mr. Andrew Gakiria- Deputy Organizing Secretary, Mr. John Orindi – Newsletter Editor, Dr. James Michira (Co-opted Member) –Representing the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Brian Ouma (Co-opted Member) – Representing the University Advancement and Mr. Keneth Sawe (Ex-Officio)- Executive Director.

In her remarks, the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi challenged the members to mobilize resources to support the University especially in the areas of student bursaries, scholarships and capital projects.

The Ag. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Mbeche promised to work closely with UONAA to ensure that the Association plays its rightful role in supporting the University.

“As a World Class University, we continue to improve on our areas of weakness and we shall leverage on our strong alumni spread across the different spheres of life to make significant contribution towards the growth and stability of our university,” said Prof. Mbeche.

The Chairman UONAA, Mr. Isaac Awuondo highlighted the major activities the Association undertook in the last three years in line with its mission and vision.

“As Alumni, we remain a key stakeholder of the University as we play a critical role in advancing the University’s vision and mission,” said Awuondo. “As an Association, we continue to make major strides in supporting our alma mater as well as fostering good relations between the alumni, students, the university community and industry.”

University commemorates World AIDS Day and intensifies AIDs vaccine research

The University of Nairobi community comprising of staff and students marked the World AIDS Day on November 29, 2019 with the theme: Communities make the difference.

Speaking during the event, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, University of Nairobi Chancellor, observed that the University of Nairobi has been leading in conducting HIV – AIDs research through the College of Health Sciences. She observed that HIV-AIDs is the most destructive epidemic that has claimed so many lives in the past. “Evidence suggests that HIV-AIDs prevalence is not increasing, but is stable. Stigma is on the downward trend and many people are seeking treatment. Let us not lose focus, we need zero infections,” she said. The Chancellor, confirmed her commitment to help the University of Nairobi increase her commitment towards response to HIV-AIDs through research.

Chancellor and chair of council tour the stands at WAD 2019
Ag. UHS Director, Dr. Doreen Asimba takes the Chancellor and the Chair of Council through the
exhibition stands during World Aids Day 2019 commemoration on Nov 29, 2019

Prof. Isaac Mbeche, the University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, noted that the University is better positioned to work with professionals across the globe in the research to help those affected by HIV-AIDS. “This disease knows no boundaries, everyone is touched by HIV-AIDS. We share the responsibility as a community and hence the theme: community makes the difference,” he said. The community play a critical role in planning, implementation and service delivery of HIV-AIDS related activities. He pointed out the good work being done by Kenya AIDs Vaccine Initiative(KAVI) in doing HIV-AIDS research.  The Vice Chancellor, also pointed out that the University Health Services, UHS, is keen in helping staff and students who are affected or infected by the HIV-AIDS. University of Nairobi offers HIV – AIDS counselling and testing services, male circumcision, pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis among a varied of services.

During the event, staff and students got a chance to visit various exhibition stands that were doing free eye checkups,dental checkups, prostate cancer screening, HIV- AIDs testing among others.

The event was sponsored by Haco Industries, Capital FM and organized by University Health Services headed by Dr. Doreen Asimba, Ag. Chief Medical Officer. The event was graced by Council Chair. Prof. Julia Ojiambo.

Workmate on-boards 50 UoN Student Career Brand Ambassadors

The Office of Career Services is partnering with Workmate Virtual Jobs Finder (an online job portal that matches graduates’ jobs with the right jobs that match their skills) in building the skills of students, training students on how to link to available job opportunities through their online portal and training 50 student brand ambassadors to be diplomats for the Office of Career Services activities.

The Career Office on Thursday November 28, 2019 hosted an on-boarding session for 50 Student Career Brand Ambassadors at the UoN Towers, 4th Floor, Room 401.

The aim of this on-boarding session was to develop the skills of students and train them to become potential employers. The John Mwangi, the Workmate Manager pointed out that where the world is heading, one will need to do more than one job to sustain themselves.

With the rising number of unemployed graduates, there is now need for students to learn new skills to enable them take up more virtual jobs. Kenya has a big percentage of an elite youth market with the right skills and training but with nowhere to go. One may wonder where are the jobs?

Workmate is offering a Skills Transfer Programme to Student Brand Ambassadors to build their skills for virtual jobs. The company will offer the selected students online badges for each training session. The students will also receive certificates and banded T-shirts.

The Office of Career Services was represented by Johnson Kinyua, Director and Naomi Nyaboga, Career Information Officer who emphasised to students on the need embrace virtual/online work because the future is in online work.

The Career Office is proud to partner with Workmate in building the skills of students to prepare them for the job market.


UoN Career Fair 2019

With the serious challenge of unemployment and underemployment in Kenya and the youth being the most affected and many of them in despair, there is a dire need to repackage the students to enable them fit in the evolving job market.

It has been proven that when the Industry, Government and Universities work together, a country will always develop faster. Kenya now requires the production of competent manpower to deliver its development agenda both for the vision 2030 and the Big 4 agenda. The University is open to the private sector and the Government to forge grounded partnerships aimed at developing Kenya and producing employable market ready graduates.

It’s against this background that the University of Nairobi through the Office of Career Services has established the “UoN Skills Centre” to offer different kinds of trainings to build on technical, leadership, entrepreneurship, soft and life skills of its students in partnership with industry partners.  The aim is to skill students with the required skills for the job market, empower them, build on their innovativeness and encourage them to become entrepreneurs.  The Career Office also holds Career Fairs across its campuses to link students to industry partners for them to secure internship or job opportunities. The Industry partners also hold career talks for the students to mentor and brand them for employment.


The University of Nairobi Office of Career Services will hold a Career Fair at the UoN Main Campus from 5-6 December, 2019 from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm each day. The theme for the event is ‘Skilling Graduates for the Job Market’.

The UoN Office of Career Services (OCS) is a new establishment obligated to develop essential competencies among graduates to make them employable. The vision of the Career Office is to produce holistic graduates who are prepared for entry into the workforce and ready to take up entrepreneurial activities.

This is achieved through development of graduates’ skills, competencies and attitudes to enhance their employability and entrepreneurship capacity. The goal is to produce skilled, empowered, competitive, employable, enterprising and innovative graduates ready for the job and entrepreneurship market.

With the serious challenge of unemployment and underemployment in Kenya and the youth being the most affected and many of them in despair, there is a dire need to repackage the students to enable them fit in the evolving job market. The Career Office is striving to achieve this in partnership with Industry Partners to empower students with information on current workplace demands in the form of knowledge and skills and presentation and branding aspects of a prospective job seeker or entrepreneur.


  1. To provide a platform for industry partners to link up with UoN students for recruitment in their Graduate Trainee Programs, internship programs or for job opportunities in their companies;
  2. To facilitate career talks for students to brand them for employment;
  3. To provide and facilitate a networking opportunity for industry partners and students;
  4. To share information with students on opportunities available in the job market;
  5. To expose students to the world of ‘online/virtual work’.


  1. Partnership and Linkages established between the Career Office and Industry partners;
  2. Well-groomed students ready for entry into the job market;
  3. Students working online and earning an income.


  1. Exhibitions
  2. Career Talks
  3. One-on-one Career Guidance
  4. Career Mentorship


UoN Career Fair

Welcome to the UoN Career Fair on Dec 5-6,2019 at the Great Court, Main Campus. Career Talk Sessions include but are not limited to the following:

1. Cyber Security
2. Data Analytics
3. Planning for Career Growth
4. Future-ready Workforce
5. Competitive Graduates in the Job Market

All students are welcome!

Come with your CV!

Are you a full time full-time student enrolled in a Master’s program in
Artificial Intelligence
Applied Mathematics
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Machine Learning
Life Sciences
Software Engineering
Service Science
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