A virtual interview is one that takes place via the use of video technology by use of the internet. The interviewer and interviewee are not in the same physical space.

Virtual interviews have become quite common due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Dean of Student’s and Career Office feel it is important for our students to have tips on how to succeed in this interviews

  1. Appearance- One should assume that a virtual interview is the same as a face to face interview hence they should always wear the proper attire. Once you wear professional attire the interviewer treats you as a professional
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice – Take  time to prepare for the interview, one might even have a mock interview with a family member. This ensures that you are ready and confident for the interview
  3. Perform Pre-test on the technology you will use- Check that all the equipment you will use works efficiently. Check that your computer/phone’s microphone and camera are functioning.
  4. Try and Establish a Rapport with the interviewer – Where possible create a personal connection with the interviewer, this will make it easier for you to communicate and also will set you apart from the other candidates
  5. Be Genuine – Always be yourself in a interview , never try to be someone you are not as it may backfire and will lead you to loose a spot as a candidate
  6. Be Polite –  Always use kind words ,only speak when spoken to and don’t interrupt the interviewer unnecessarily.
  7. Try and reduce distractions around you – If possible go to a private room and ensure you notify your family members not to distract you.